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Central document first mention of environmental responsibility list

The current environmental management system of our country is mainly local environmental management system in order to block the main work

Tap water "carcinogenic"? Experts say nitrosamine levels are extremely low and there is no need for panic

Recently, Tsinghua University, a survey on tap water after the release, "contains carcinogenic substances in tap water " on the topic of heated debate on the network

Sponge city completed 54 billion 400 million investment, the pilot area has reached 420 square kilometers   

In from April 27th to 28th, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of water resources held a site meeting of the central government to support the construction

The rural wastewater treatment market demand strong but not easy to snatch problems

Water pollution is very serious in our country Water pollution not only endangers people s health, but also hinders the development of industry and agriculture

Facing China's "water dilemma" -- Survey of water security situation in China

However, in recent years, the spread of water shortage, pollution of rivers and lakes and water ecological deterioration, often appear in front of the Chinese people

Ministry of environmental protection: 65 industrial agglomeration zones above the provincial level have not completed ce

November 24th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other industrial agglomeration areas of water pollution control work progress

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