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This year, 1 billion 360 million yuan regulation of key river basin water environment

Reporter recently learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, "2017 Quanzhou key river basin (including coastal waters)

He swore that he could not get rid of the water and drank it

In May 2016, Lishui City Economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary, director of the CMC Ding Shaoxiong

South to Beijing two years to become the main source of water (focusing on Beijing)

In December 27, 2014, South to the capital, Beijing people drink high-quality water Danjiangkou reservoir Over the past two years

China will establish a river length system to ensure the innovation of water security system

The Xinhua News Agency announced the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued the "on the full implementation of long river system views "

Ministry of Environmental Protection informed Beijing, Tianjin and other regional industrial agglomeration water polluti

According to the Ministry of environmental protection website news, the Ministry of environmental protection today informed Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta

Nitrosamines are closely related to cancer and should be included in water quality testing standards as soon as possible

Because of its high carcinogenicity, high detection rate and in China may be incorporated into water quality testing standards, obtained the unprecedented attention

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